Biblical Unity

The aim of this page is to provide a summary of the context for my posts on biblical unity.

Unity is the relationship that has always existed between the 3 persons of God and is the relationship that existed between God and all things in the beginning. It is a specifically defined relationship that represents right relating between distinctive individuals.

In short, biblical unity is a natural state of relationship where distinctive individuals, in the image of a single head, relate to one another with love for the good of each and every member (and the whole) within a defined hierarchy. Unity is the fundamental relationship that exists between God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit have always existed and related to one another. It is an essential characteristic that makes God who he is. It is also the state God created the universe to exist in under his headship.

Unity is fundamental to understanding everything that happens in the bible, it is the context, subtext and goal of salvation history. Unity is so important to Christianity that all doctrine becomes meaningless and inapplicable (individually and collectively) without it. It runs through the bible from start to finish, from creation and the fall to Hell and the new creation. It explains tough questions like:
• How does the sin of the first man, Adam, affect me?
• How does the death of Jesus’ pay for my sin?
• What does a renewed relationship with God look like?
• Why is hell necessary?
• How can God be both 3 and 1 at the same time?
• Why shouldn’t I go on living my own way now because Jesus has already paid for my sin?
• Why does Jesus need to be man and God at the same time?

If you seek to understand who God is and his plan for the fullness of time then you must understand the how and why of unity from the bible’s perspective.

I will show that the complex union of the three persons of God is so easily misunderstood, largely because humanity has lost this aspect of the image of God (unity). However it can be understood by closely studying what the bible (God’s word concerning himself and his relationship to his creation) has to say about the unity of God and the unions of humanity (in Adam then Christ). I will show how both the perfect human unions in Adam (before the fall) and in Jesus Christ (present and future) reflect the image of the complex unity of God, explaining what this means for Christians today.


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