My Father

Posted: October 30, 2013 in 3.4 Unity in the Present Age

My father is the greatest man I have ever known and will likely ever know. He is not successful, by the world’s or the Church’s measurement. neither is he considered to be abnormally smart nor academic. He is, physically speaking, unimpressive (in the world’s eyes) a man of average height and no athletic ability. He is not a perfect man, fallible as any human born into the flesh of Adam. However in spite of this what makes him great is his faithfulness.

His dedication to his family and the one true God is impressive to say the least. He loves both his family and God with his whole heart. Seeking to love and provide for his household the best way he can with the gifts (ability, circumstance of life, etc) God has given him. He has demonstrated his faithfulness to his family and God through much hardship and suffering, seeking no glory except the glorification of God, in Christ. He is my example of faithfulness (to God), graciously given to me by God.

As members of Christ all are required to be faithful to the union of the spirit of Christ. Gifted according to the grace and sovereignty of God for the good of all.

  1. What a great tribute to your father and to the Father who has made him who he is and given him to you and to others. Faithfulness to God and family is the measure of a man and a leader – from your testimony, we have to say your Dad is a true success.

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