The history of sinful mankind up to this point has clearly shown that man has been constant in his rebellion against God. However much like hostilities and tensions between two countries mankind has forgotten how it all started. Even worse humanity forgot who they are fighting against, accepting the current state of the universe as “status quo”/ “situation normal”. However God has not forgotten himself and the unity he created the universe to exist in (in himself). If God is to bring mankind back into relationship (union) with himself through Abraham, he must reacquaint mankind with who he is and what he expects from them (as his creatures).

Knowing God is no longer a simple proposition. In the Beginning creation reflected his goodness perfectly (in unity), however since the fall it is not so easy to know God and what his standard of “goodness” exactly involves. Simple observation in unity would yield greater understanding than the most in-depth research in disunity. This also means that the transmission of God’s “goodness” from human to human would be imperfect (in word and deed). Furthermore mankind is no longer able to know and relate to God as a single cohesive unit. Therefore there can be no continuity and consistency of relationship between God and man because:
1. All humans are subject to death, and
2. Each human does what is right in their own eyes.

So now God is required to reveal himself apart from creation, through the law. The the word (law) of God must be in union with him, for if it were merely a human record it would be incapable of accurately reflecting God’s standard of “goodness”, making knowing God in any specific way impossible.

God chose Israel out of all the nations of the earth to possess his laws, customs and prophecies. So that by obeying them Israel would show how fundamentally different God is to the world (in disunity). This was so that all the nations of the earth might know God through Israel, understanding his “goodness” in relationship (unity).

Yet the very existence and need for God’s written law (continual specific revelation) means that it is impossible to keep. The law is a construct designed to command unity where unity does not exist. The fact that the law exists means that disunity exists, and as already discussed perfect transmission of God’s “goodness” in relationship (person to person) is impossible in disunity. Therefore only those who don’t need the law are able to keep it (in union with God).

So the purpose of the written word of God becomes clear:
1. To continuously and consistently reveal the standard of God’s goodness perfectly to all people,
2. To show that this standard could not be kept without first being united to God,
3. To point forward and create the context for (so it could be understood) the real and final solution to the disunity of Adam (between man and God).

So for God’s promise of restored unity through Abraham to be fulfilled a solution to the disunity must exist apart from the law, yet be consistent with it in every way ( union with it). This is why the person and work of Jesus Christ was and is necessary, being continued by those who are united to him in spirit. Only in Jesus is able to represent a continuous and consistent image of the “goodness” of God and a solution to the disunity and sinfulness of mankind.


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