What about Eve? She was not in Adam’s body (unborn) at the time of his sin. While it is clear that she broke God’s command before Adam, it was Adam’s sin that broke unity between God and humanity. Yet at the same time they disobeyed God together (it was a united rebellion).

Now Eve had already been taken from the flesh of Adam before the fall, that is to say that she was no longer physically in Adam at the time of the fall. The rest of mankind existed in Adam at the time of the fall and were born subsiquently into disunity, Eve was not. This means that the sin of Eve needs to be understood a little differently from the sin of later humans, i.e. she chose to become sinful (disunity).

Some important things to note about the role of Eve in the fall include:
• While she was deceived by the serpent, her reassessment of the fruit (as good for food) and her choice to eat were her own (Genesis 3:6), making her responsible for her own sin.
• She did not deceive/lie to Adam. Therefore Eve can’t be held responsible for the sin of Adam and the disunity of humanity. Adam’s sin was his own and the fall of humanity was his fault.
• She was not dragged unwillingly into rebellion due to Adam’s sin because she had already sinned (i.e. Adam and Eve were united in their rebellion).

Therefore there is no question about whether the fall of the human race was complete. Both Adam and Eve rejected their union with God (a unified rejection of unity). However this divisive behaviour meant that they also rejected their union with one another (and the rest of creation). Without the presence of God (in union) in their lives they could not continue relating as they did before (love in unity).

Any union apart from God is not real unity. Instead of growing and strengthening the human union, mankind have perpetuated the disunity and corruption started in the fall (they couldn’t do any different). Self-interest coupled with a strong desire of to hide and conceal replaced unity marked by freedom of relationship (unity).


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